08.13.19 | Jogging Chronicles

Conquest of Happiness | Jogging Chronicles

Jogging: Cognitive rapid fire.

Lacing up sneakers and hitting the pavement is my recipe for clearing out clutter up there. I find all sorts of weird shit up there if I'm honest.

After today's push for self improvement, I wrote down: Sad, Old white lady, Living vs Preaching, Shake the flowers.

Sad: I woke to another article affirming that Childish Gambino would be moving on without his musical persona. After seeing him at Bonnaroo and knowing he had new music still to be released, I hoped maybe it was a ruse (for what, I don't know.. ), but the last two articles I read after his performance in the Bay Area are still speaking the same truth.. The death of a musical persona is eminent and sooner than later. I'm sad because I hope it doesn't mean that all the good that comes from this persona dies too. Also, umm.. give more music to enjoy please. Yes. You make my days so so good with your art.... Old white lady: As I jogged past the old lady's house again I thought I should give her a shirt.. or a mug.. something that was colorful and beautiful with a positive message. A gift so someone else crossing her path could stop and say.. "I like your shirt, hope your day is good!" I want to give that to her.

Living vs Preaching: This is a larger topic than I'll expand on today, but, in short, it's why I value Donald Glover as a human and an artist. I read an article where he expressed (paraphrasing) that he didn't feel comfortable defining the meaning behind his work, because he created it for the people and it was theirs to define for themselves. It wasn't his place to tell them how to interpret it. And this is what I mean by Living vs. Preaching. To create without intent to elicit reaction.. but rather to create out of genuine interest and curiosity about the world around you and how you fit within it... that resonates with me. Hell.. that's my own path, so of course it has value to me. I choose to live in the exploration and experimentation of curiosities and genuine objects of interest.

Shake the flowers: Childish Gambino won't always be a focus for me, but today he is. There's a time and place for everything, but right now, pollen is in the air to spread, fertilize and grow positive seeds around the world of his words and messages. (My brain also trailed off wondering if he was killing off Childish Gambino because of some of the interpretation and perpetuation of the image with this character. "This is America" was an extremely impactful song and video. The commercialized imagery taken from it and reproduced isn't the message I got from it, (but perception has everything to do with what's already inside of us, so my interpretation is always going to be different from the person to the left or right of me.) However, I feel the goal was achieved: reflection, introspection, questioning. I doubt that's his reasoning for leaving music, but it crossed my mind. I can only imagine seeing your image and likeness plastered everywhere with a message maybe you didn't intend to send. But if I understand anything about this human, I imagine he's just on to the next thing.. because he's kinda incredible at being willing to experiment with everything.)

Conquest of Happiness

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