08.11.19 | Jogging Chronicles

Conquest of Happiness | Jogging Chronicles

It was a little rainy.. sprinkling really. Enough to make it look like it was the rain that was dampening my shirt and not my dying soul seeping through my pores as I ran today. (That's what I experience when exercise happens to my body.)

Passing a local burger spot, while still in motion, I scooped up a food togo box on the ground and tossed in the dumpster to the left of me within the next stride.

Good deed.

I also found a dime on my cool down walk.


It adds up eventually I guess.

"Hi," I said and waved to a woman on the opposite side of the street at the beginning of my jog. Also said hello to Nathan, a family friend, who was out by his truck this morning as I passed by.

But my favorite of today was the woman out on her porch drinking.. tea? coffee? not sure.. but she was enjoying her morning. I like running by her house. She's often outside and her house has lots of flowers and little gardening this-and-thats. Things I wish I had the knowledge and green thumb for. I'd say she's in her 70's, maybe 80's? "Hello," I said as I waved. I was passing behind a tree at the same time so she couldn't find me at first, but I kept my hand raised and waving til we could see each other. "It's a beautiful day today," she said. I agreed. I love getting to be out in the rain, it was just right for a jog. Perfect really. I told her I hoped her day was great today, she replied, "Thank you! And I like your shirt!" I smiled and started jogging again. I wear this shirt because it makes me happy. I don't even know if she could read it... but the colors alone are great. It feels good. She affirmed my decision and inspired me to keep an eye out for and create more things that ooze happy.

Conquest of Happiness

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