Childish Gambino T Shirt


Childish Gambino Graphic Tee

I feel like summer.


Warm, bright opaque artwork on a soft that's light for layering or a great breathable summer shirt. 

When I made this shirt, it was 100+ degrees outside, but we were gearing up to head to Bonnaroo in a couple weeks. I told my daughter this design was actually me in life in at that moment. A beautiful hot mess, thriving in the warmth of the season. Lol. "I love that for you, mom..." she said. Lol.


I have a few people that inspire me.. Donald (Childish Gambino) is one of them. He reminds us to live in the moment and be present in the world around us. I watched him live on the What stage with my daughter at Bonnaroo 2019. I was grounded by his by his intensity and raw talent. I cried. I'm a 37 yr old woman. Lol. He is incredible.

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