One Makes a Difference


2020 VOTE!


One makes a difference. The absence of one also makes a difference. When your voice is absent, when your presence is absent, representation of the whole is skewed. Something is missing. The message that gets relayed is a little off. <3

Full and vibrant ink coverage; soft double sided shirt w a small "one makes a difference" logo on the upper back.

This was an American Democracy poster project I created in one of my college courses. I was 26, it was 2008 and this was my first year ever registering to vote. It was the message I wanted to send to people like me... ones who didn't understand the voting system. People who didn't think it mattered or that they had any influence. I get it.. there's a lot of red string all over our political system, but the message is still the same... practicing our voice is important and it matters. It builds us into the person we are to become. So speak your truth and become your truth. <3 (This image in its entirety and in it's parts is owned and copyrighted. As the owner I am the only person with a legal right to distribute, replicate, or display.)

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