Conquest of Happiness is a compilation of projects created based on the daily exploration of genuine objects of interest. Random and uninhibited exploration of creation with intent to encourage all of our conquests of happiness. Each project is a melting pot of problem solving and curiosity fed by genuine a desire to promote and create happiness.


Stop. Think. Listen. CoH wants to create ways to connect with or understand others and ourselves better. Emulate those daily feel good vibes and remind us to be present on a regular basis. Provide fun objects that create happiness when we share them with others or remind us to feel good about ourselves, the moment we're in or the path that we're on.



Conquest of Happiness offers a variety of product technologies ranging from apparel to paper products and other home accessories. Keep checking back or subscribe to the newsletter to see what new projects pop up and how they're inspired!










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Also.. I'm not a drop shipper. I'm a real live human and I'm sending my product out to you myself. My quantities are probably always going to be a bit low and possibly even limited just due to the nature of experimentation and trial and error. <3 Peace out frands.


$5 off $20 for Paper Tags



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Conquest of Happiness

Product creation based on the daily exploration of Genuine Objects of Interest. Gift accessories, graphic tees, ceramic mugs, home products and unique favors and packaging.

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